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Wing Rhymes
Wing Rhymes
Poems and Verse

By Thunder Falcon
Poems and Verse

By Thunder Falcon
My Name is
Little Tetoe

This page was last updated on: October 3, 2002

Little Tetoe

(First Place Winner of 1995, Past Presidents Award.)

Little Tetoe, he's just a porcelain cat,
Yet he can see all from where he sits at,
Watching with meticulous care,
Vowing to always be there,
Beside the stillness of the white death bed.

Little Tetoe, wears a grief painted frown,
He pines for the prince adorned with the black death crown.
With a soft meow, he comforts her spirit.
But she's so far away, she can barely hear it,
Trapped in a lifeless body upon the white death bed.

Little Tetoe, only he can conceive,
He's never been able to dance on a summers eve.
Creatures who move and breath,
Can not even begin to perceive
Of life in an immovable body.

Little Tetoe, he knows they don't appreciate
The small pleasure of eating from a plate,
He's never chased after a mouse,
Or broken something in the house.
When she leaves, will he be able to go too?

Little Tetoe, that day he'll always remember,
He was given to her as a present in the month of September.
She'd walk on a moonlit beach with Tetoe in her pocket,
Her friends would laugh and try and softly mock it,
Yet, her heart beat for his in a sweet melody.

Little Tetoe, has a chip on his ear,
But the mourning of her loved ones he can't help but hear.
Perhaps someone will knock him his table,
Oh dear, he'd push himself if he were able.
He can't help but wish to be broken into countless pieces.

Little Tetoe, sends a delicate prayer,
Urging the elegant emissary of death to take her from there.
With steely green eyes, he silently cries,
For his mistress, upon the white death bed.

Copyright 1994, Thunder Falcon
                  My Name is Moonlight

My Name is Moonlight,
And on the earth I am shinning.
As far and wide as my eyes can see,
There are lovers dancing and basking
In the glow of me.

Here I glisten upon crying seas,
while lonely lovers sing a familiar song to me.
In the night they weep as oceans of tears
Stain and mark their hearts and feet.
Do they know, that I too am so alone,
Fading for want of love in a cruel sky?

I am something of light,
With a name not worthy of his mention.
I have no body, I have no soul,
Only a sad soft heart without a key;
Those joyous dancing lovers keep haunting me.

Grateful lovers whisper to me wicked ironies,
Thanking me for moving love through their door.
Yet my light brings no life for a love of my own;
Cupid, the mean winged thing wallows in lights of laughter
Swaying with delight at my secret disaster.

My name is Moonlight,
But the Sun does not know of my name.
Nor does he know of my deep clumsy love for him.
He speaks to a world of lovelies, as I fade away.
There exists no light where I could be as pretty,
As the music of days that surround him in sweet play.

Still through all the night I long to see his bright eyes,
To feel their print of flame burn inside,
His light to caress and sooth my heart.
His strange beauty is wordless thing,
That lives from within, a world apart.

I am a bright thing lost to the night
And on the earth I am shining.
I wait for the Princely Sun to sing his song,
To watch him rock away pretty dew in his morning arms.

If only he would speak to me,
A kindness for sweet company with the night.
A pretty shape of thought to sooth an aching sea.
A little medicine, that he would feel kindly on me.

My name is Moonlight,
The clouds move against my shining,
And I love in the hurt of dark, alone.

My Name is Moonlight,
Copyright  2000,  Thunder Falcon