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Thunder Falcon - Photo by Donna Prock
Thanks for coming by The Gallery of the Spirit and Welcome to our Feather News Page.
A New Thunderquill
May, 2006

What do you do when you're a tribal girl and workaholic spinster?  You build another website and start dating.  Not so big on the dating thing.  Must be undo interference by the workaholic thing.  But the site building may be getting of to a swimming start.  Of course, if you've been coming by Gallery of the Spirit, you may also be aware its pages haven't had an update since the last ice age. 

Hopefully, as I find time the Spirit Galleries will be going through some changes with the shift to wide-screen format and some content being moved to my new site Thunderquill.  More geared toward writing, Thunderquill will also offer an opportunity for new and experienced authors to post and share their work.

Now don't panic.  In the creation of Thunderquill, I'm going to attempt to battle my fetish for darling little gifs, clipart and animations, by restricting my cute and fuzzy side to the Spirit Galleries.  Somebody has to do it.  I'm a menace!  (For those of you, that barely survived my "Hello Kitty" addiction, you have my deepest apologies.)

Thanks and I hope you enjoy the cute and fuzzy side of Gallery of the Spirit.